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Issuer Services 

Issuer Services

MSEI has been formed with a vision of market development and is committed to innovation. India requires massive investment in different sectors like infrastructure to maintain its high economic growth rate. A substantial portion of this investment shall be raised from the capital market. Hence, a significant challenge is faced by our country is on capital formation.

With an aim to become enabler in the process of capital formation, we are committed to encourage participation of companies by providing value-added services with the intention of making processes simpler and more efficient. The existing as well as potential issuers are encouraged to utilize the services which are specifically designed for your convenience:

For more information or any assistance, you may like to contact us or send a request to us through Request Flotation Services

Phone: +91 22 6112 9000
Mobile: +91 91673 96426
Fax: +91 22 2652 5730
Email: listing@msei.in